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$cientology - Where Failed Help Turns Into Overts and Sec Checks

The Secret Behind Blows, and Staff Turnover

The Secret Behind Blows, and Scientology Staff Turnover
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Contrary to stated theory, blows don't come from overts and withholds, they come from failed help and blunted purpose - which underlie the apparent problem.

I'd seen this over and over in my 20+ years on staff. No matter how much security checking was applied, those same staff ended up leaving. And my own leaving was a question I'd had for many years - only coming to an understanding just recently.

The trick to understanding Hubbard's Dianetics and $cientology is to know where it came from, and its limits.

If Hubbard's teachings were truly universal and basic, they'd apply to all situations anywhere - and the fact that the bulk of his "tech" only truly works within the rigorous belief-system itself tends to prove the point.

Again, Hubbard got his material from other writers, not strictly from his own research. Most, if not all of his data can be traced to his "borrowing" from other source. "The Price of Freedom" came from George Washington. Part of his "Code of Honor" came from Napoleon Hill. Dianetics was based on "regression" and his "past lives" is based on popular books of the 50's. Dianetics and Scientology both were based on what was already popular, his marketing was based on the emotive programming from people who bought into his schemes. A narrow feed-back loop which all marketers use - build your audience and then survey that audience for what they need and want. His Marketing policy lays it all out - (note that he quotes and paraphrases other leading Marketing books.)

He got his stuff from other sources - mostly. (The rest seems to be based in the fantasies he wrote.)

Why O/W theory and sec-checking don't work

Because they aren't basic on the chain. See "O/W - A Limited Theory" HCOB. Before any overt chain starts up, there has to be a mis-understanding. You know that Understanding = A, R, C. ARC breaks precede MWH's.

The magnitude of the problem is based in how deeply the misunderstanding affects the belief-system is affected. What shifts the person's paradigm will ultimately cause a solution which forces departure. (See material on the "prior confusion".)

Blows are caused by failed help, blunted purpose, and cumlative injustices (several phrases for essentially the same thing.) Overts are secondary - and the reason that sec-checking only offers temporary relief.

When the circumstances surrounding a person collapse his understanding, then he is forced to create a new resolution. Their belief-system is challenged, and needs to be reconciled.

A comparative world view is found in the common world

My work in the real world since has brought this understanding to me.

Jobs don't run on HCO PL's. The real world proves that $cientology only works within it's own narrow confines.

The natural laws work everywhere, though.

In the real world, there is constant turnover - which is also the case in $cn orgs, if not worse. For someone in the Sea Org, even staying a few years on a single post is an accomplishment. The S.O. has a fear-based approach to control and compliance. A lot of them stick to the Flag Order "Hard Working People," which negates many other senior policies. Essentially, this is license to dramatize - which current management (since LRH's passing) have capitalized on. All based in fear.

In the real world, you get a job to earn money to support yourself. Nothing is top-down organized. No one out there actually cares for you - except family and the friends you've maintained relationships with.

Jobs don't care. Unless you play their game. Just like $cn and the S.O. But you have to mold yourself into the image they want. True for both. That's the beginning of our comparative.

I've had several real-world jobs in the last 14 years. Finally, I got real financial freedom when I was able to make a living with completely passive income from book publishing.

This last "job" has allowed me to analyze what has happened in all my previous ones - because I have no pressure to "become" part of any job-situation.

The real comparatives stem from the Four Needs

Around the same time Hubbard was in Phoenix, a guy named Lester Levenson was researching in Sedona, Arizona. Levenson had achieved a unique understanding of the world, and what would be called "OT" abilities simply through personal reflection and thought.

His road back was to figure out how to enable other people to utilize what he had worked out.

Essentially, all the world - from humanity's view - is based on the needs of Security, Approval, Control, and Belonging. All these in turn are based on the Fear of Death - or loss of Individuality. The main game in this Universe is to be an individual, while the Universe itself works on systems and wholeness. The trick is to have your game of being an individual and part of the Universe at the same time.

Security, Approval, Control, Belonging, Fear. Master these, and then you'll master all of life - or escape being victimized by the individuals around you.

Back to our Jobs Analysis.

I left all these jobs. But didn't "blow" all of them. Most were senseless - because I was trying to use my 20+ years as Sea Org staff to compare their function. It's too easy to compare them as somehow less worthy. That is, after all, the continuing philosophy Hubbard force-fed his followers - a theme which runs through everything he offered. You can see how the above Four Needs run through all he's written and said.

But in each case, it kept going back to the failed help. I was unable to help these companies to improve their operation - and couldn't/wouldn't mold myself into their particular job requirements.

The last job I had was the most telling. For it left me completely critical, and complaining how my employer was himself critical. Yes, I got over it by releasing the Four Needs which he was using over me. (Details how to do releasing in "Freedom Is") The criticalness passed, which told that sec-checking and O/W write-ups wasn't the only way to handle it, and that criticalness is a symptom - not the core problem.

What I found common to all these jobs was the rejected help, the snubs, the blunted purpose, the lack of Justice. These also proved to be exactly what drove me to leave the Sea Org and $cientology. It's just taken me 14 years to figure out why.

In all cases, my help was accepted and then rejected. Solutions were discarded. Every time, I would find that the tentative offerings were rejected and then I'd try another way to help, but no same route twice. Eventually, I ran out of options. It was better to find another place to earn my way than work for that company anymore.

Why the Sea Org is doomed

20 years of the Sea Org was ended after I was no longer allowed to be on tech lines and found my way to help was through what I found to be my purpose - through the creative arts. Yet this again was foiled by the various control mechanisms executives used in the S.O. to fruitlessly hold their own "position in space." Again, being on a single post for any number of years was remarkable, as any staff member was subject to incredible attacks from above and below. No one was safe on any job, unless - like the current Miscavidge monster - they "solved" by eliminating supposed "threats" around them ruthlessly. But those are very human people we are talking about - each with their own lives worth living.

Of course, that's completely contrary to what $cientology is reputed to be based on. What's on paper isn't the real world reality.

Once you screw around with people long enough, they quit following you. The pain of your mis-use is more than they will be put up with. That is the reason there are so many mandatory musters and events which are supposed to improve morale.

Unfortunately, once you've been screwed with long enough, internal PR functions don't work - because you start seeing through the hype. (Particularly if you are a Cramming Officer and analyzing everything with Data Series.) These events simply compounded the effect.

I was able to spend a year without a job in the final days I was living that life. Yes, that's contrary to all policy. But I had spent my career studying policy and how it fit together. I knew the loopholes. Enough to get by.

I tested the entire policy scheme from top to bottom, and found out that the Sea Org is entirely corrupted. Fear drives everything. Policy is no longer followed. Ethics has been long gone since before I left. Anyone I've tracked is not only not on their former post, but usually in another org entirely. That is a scene which Hubbard outlined for his Flag Reps - to keep them moving from one org to another so that they wouldn't become attached to the scene.

It also keeps anyone from individually building a power base, much as any outrageous success story was cut down by Management for years - Hubbard himself used this tactic to maintain his control, but it was hidden from anyone who believed him to be the god he played. ("Those who have eyes, let them look - those who have ears, let them hear.")

Implosion just is a matter of time.

How you can put this to use.

Obviously, I'm no fan of $cientology or Hubbard any more. Once burned, twice shy.

There are other scenes I've uncovered - even a way to evolve what is truly workable within that world into more widely applicable "tech" and "policy."

Right now, you can do these:
1. Straightwire your own life to find areas where you help was rejected or ignored.

2. Release these incidents of all charge - however you like. You'll find the criticalness leave and objective understanding remain, even perhaps your original appreciation for the rightness you agreed with when you joined that team, org, or business.

3. Use Power Change Violation Repair Formula to rebuild your relationships within that company - or to build stronger ones if you've already moved on.

4. Apply the Way to Happiness and honestly seek to openhandedly help others at every turn. This uses the Golden Rule to create a new world where everyone has natural rights which can be respected. You'll get the respect and help you need and deserve only after you give respect and help to others that they need.

5. Do your own study of any $cientology or Dianetic datum you've encountered. See if they actually work for you. Nothing else matters. Nothing. 

Then you will be well on your way to building a better life for yourself and all those around you.

Luck to us all.

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