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Evolving $cientology - Building Expanding Organizations

How to Build A Business That Grows

Business Building without Scientology Policies
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ref: Evolving $cientology - Into Something Truly Workable

A (hopefully) short point about 3rd Dynamic (group) evolution.

In $cientology, there is a fiction about the Flag Executive Briefing Course.

The truth:

It. Never. Worked.

Look over its history and you see that it is no complete system - or it would have corrected itself. Yes, it had several high points as utilized in its original format - which all left the organization worse off than before. Now it had false memories of high stat times.

If you look over the actual expansion, you'll find that it was mostly due to the 1960's OEC policies, rather than the 70's FEBC policies and tapes.

I've studied all this stuff. Every tape, every PL. And spent time - years - cramming this stuff and testing it for results.

Some small parts worked. None of it built long-lasting teams.

Core problem is that Management was constantly ripping up any successful team and "promoting" it's members. Or those teams would implode on their own. None lasted more than a few years at most.

Test Everything For Yourself

I've done my own testing, but this means nothing to you.

You only need to study it all and test each one against against real-world applications.

My advantage, I've had some 20 years of study and testing. So hear me out.

If you read the various books about $cientology's growth, you'll find the following background:

The growth of Hubbard's businesses was a simple program. He went around the country giving speeches and building local groups, leaving someone behind to run them. Much along the lines of how the early Methodist churches were built.

Once he had a critical mass, he then set up a central org in D.C.

Of course, the history was that he had to flee to Britain (buying a rural mansion) to escape the Feds. Because he was running afoul of FDA/FTC anti-scam laws and challenging the Feds to dare interfere.

Where $cientology Went Off The Deep End

$cn itself has had to continue to produce more materials and courses and services to stay afloat. Historically, somewhere around 90% of the new people coming in would drop off before they reached Clear, and then right after. This is why Div 6 activities had to be so large.

This is also why Hubbard restructured Clearing technology so that now it was a much more expensive processing - and discounted by people who attended the lectures at St. Hill in person.

Somewhere along this line, Hubbard worked out that there had to be follow-up courses, materials, and services after Clear. The fantasy he wrote, plus the material of the Phoenix lectures and OT Doctorate Course, were all well accepted - and gave him encouragement to continue down this line.

Getting attacked now in the United Kingdom, he went back to the seas aboard an old ship. Unfortunately, he wore out his welcome eventually all up and down the west coast of Europe, Spain, and that area. So he had to travel across the Atlantic to base out of the Caribbean.

Again, he was wearing out these sites, plus the U.S. Government was now on his tail again.

It was this environment which developed the FEBC. Constant deception used as P.R. Examples of failures twisted into "upstat" standards - taught using violent punishment = "overboarding."

Hubbard was on drugs in order to "research" the early OT levels.

He only was able to deliver in the U.S. again when he started following government recommendations.

(Again, check this out for yourself - find the books, read them, test everything.)

A technical note about the "OT" levels

The one's Hubbard created don't exist. But one can get people to imagine anything if you keep repeating it. The e-meter had to be souped up in order to allow the very small indications of these "alien presences" which had to be audited out in order to make personal progress.

The problem is that all these years of using those OT levels had fewer and fewer results as were discussed in the early promotional magazines. Again, these went back more to the days of his Phoenix lectures.

As these levels were upgraded and redefined, people were encouraged to re-do their levels in order to achieve these-type of results. And they didn't ever actually attain them.

What we can see from this is the enhancement of desires through marketing to enable the devoted few to continue shelling out money to the only IRS-sanctioned church.

This is what the Marketing Series told FEBC's to do.

How FEBC Marketing Worked - Sort of

Studying Internet Marketing as a comparative shows what Hubbard stumbled onto - and preached:

  1. Build a list of devoted consumers (clients) and continue to mail to these while giving them a string of services and/or materials which they can buy. 
  2. Use them to evangelize your products to continue to procure new clients.
  3. Get celebrities to endorse your products, as well as testimonials from fanatic fans.
  4. Use effective emotion-appealing copy to gain their attention, and then use limited-time offers to ensure they buy in.
  5. Always offer what they want, even if its unattainable.
  6. Always sell them the next course as a solution for what they haven't attained. 
His example also showed this:
7. Start up a new incarnation when you have to.

For all this, Hubbard had the same churn of clients as any average marketer. They continued to lose new clients at a high rate, while spreading the PR that there were multi-millions of Scientologists world wide - while practically there are probably around 50,000 or so who are regularly active.

What we find here is what works in the Administration of $cientology are the natural laws which run the rest of the world we live in. Read "Influence" by Robert Cialdini.

These natural laws run everything. Everything.

How to Make Your Business Expand - Continually

Find the natural laws, understand them, apply them.

Start with "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill.

Follow this up with "If You Can Count to Four" by James Breckenridge Jones.

My own "An Online Sunshine Plan" will give you a lot of the background to how Internet Marketing works and most of the modern tools.

I've made these available to you just so you could succeed.

Your success will depend on the strength of your vision.

Luck to us all.


There's a pattern here:
  • Formation and expansion.
  • Self-destruction through over-promotion and under-delivery - ignoring national laws.
  • Continuing to produce new sales through new materials and products (in new locations) - which themselves were scammy, overpriced and sucked up by their loyal followers.
  • Cover the back-trail with false PR.
You can see the flaws with this. Lack of Honesty is one.

The other, senior datum - Hubbard was there to make money and get rich by running a religion. He succeeded, at the loss of his own freedoms - and also doomed his on multi-million dollar organization. The result is that it's been contracting for years, on a slow death spiral.

Do the opposite - deliver an honest service, expand your business routinely. 

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