Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to Live Life and Love it!

How to Live Life and Love it! - by Genevieve BehrendHow to Live Life and Love it!

The purpose of this series of personal-pointer Lessons, which are herein compiled into one volume, is to indicate in a clear, concise way “the natural principles governing the relation between the creative action of all thought-power and material things,” i.e., circumstances and conditions.

If these few simple principles are carefully studied, and mastered to your satisfaction, and then put into practical, hourly application, the student will find very soon that it is possible for man to make conscious contact with the Almighty, Ever-Present, Never-Failing God; and this just naturally means individual FREEDOM, freedom from every form of limitation and bondage of any nature. (Read Mark 9:23.) Then try to believe that the Spirit of Life, which is your life also, knows “How to Live Life and Love It.”

All the joy Life has to give is yours right now! Let us start on the highway to unqualified success now. God is our guide.

Your loving companion,

Genevieve Behrend

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