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How to Please the Boss – Business, Sales & Income

How to Please the Boss - Business, Sales & IncomeDo You Know How to Please the Boss?

You have only one boss and every person from the president of the largest corporation to the shoeshine boy has the same – he is simply the customer.

How you handle this relationship will determine your success or failure. It will determine how much money you make or do not make, and it will determine whether you’re a happy person or an unhappy person.

A person’s money is the result of his production, and he trades it for things he needs and wants. He will spend his money only with those whom he feels have earned it. Everything depends on how the boss is treated, the boss being the customer.

  • How can you tell by just looking at a business how they are treating their customers?
  • Did you know that your rewards are in exact proportion to your service?
  • What two ways are we repaid for what we do?
  • How can you get a raise without asking for it?
  • Can you get an increase in pay without earning it?
  • What four steps can you take today to start living a rich, rewarding, and meaningful life?

It’s simple to earn your customer’s trust and keep it. Providing you know that your customer is your boss. Businesses that don’t see this relation don’t thrive. Customers leave them alone and take their spending moneyelsewhere.

The customer is the boss. Deliver great value in a great relationship and the customer sticks with you like glue. Upset them, deliver shoddy products or services, and the customer takes their money and leaves.

Their money is what pays your salary, keeps the lights on.

Reversely, you can’t get without giving. If you give incredible value at your own job, and to every customer that comes in, then your returns will be to that same amount.

If you increase the service at your job, and look each day to see what else could be improved, your job also becomes more interesting.

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