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How to Prevent Stress from Ruining Your Life

How to Prevent Stress from Ruining Your LifeHow do some deal with stress and others see their lives wrecked by it?

Stress is in everyone’s life to some degree.

In this special report, there are four successful approaches you can use to deal with it.

How to React to Stress –

The story of two twins gives us our first clue. Raised by an alcoholic father and later living their own separate lives, they both took very different approaches to living.
One became an alcoholic. The other became a teetotaler. When each was asked them why they chose that life, each gave an identical answer, “What else would you expect when you have a father like mine?”

It’s not the cards we are dealt, but how we play them. It’s not the experiences we have, but how we react to them.

Everyone has different reactions to the same incident. How you chose to react is up to you. And that will determine how you survive the stress you meet.

The Devil’s Wedge –

Based on an old folk tale, it’s moral is worth thinking about.

It seems that of all the Devil’s possessions, the one he would not part with was the Wedge of Discouragement.

With that tool, he could demoralize anyone and bring all progress to a halt.

The trick is that discouragement is really just a form of self-pity. And the solution to this is simple: take action. Doing nothing but feeling sorry for yourself will just result in more bad emotions.

Consider that every problem, every situation you meet up with has something in it that can be turned to your advantage. Study the situation thoroughly enough to find that advantage. See what steps you could take today, starting right now, and get going.

You can learn and grow from any experience. The trick is in getting into intelligent action and back to moving toward the goal you’ve set.

A Commitment to Laughter –

While you can always find people around who are critical, have you made the effort to find cheerful, even funny people who lightens everyone’s day?

The people who seem to have the worst problems also seem to be looking for the worst in the world around them. Not too surprising, they usually have a low self-esteem and low personal production.

The people at the top of their field are usually optimistic and creative as they go about living their days. They succeed because they take some time daily to appreciate the humor in life, to laugh a little.

Sure, some situations are serious. But that’s not the same thing as taking ourselves seriously. A person has to be able to laugh at themselves.

Look at children. They seem to find what’s funny in everything they do. They try to make a game out of everything.

Emotionally healthy people will nourish this same attitude. They can poke fun at themselves. They can see how life isn’t that serious after all.

Are there other reasons you can find to laugh today?

Falling Isn’t Failing –

Mary Pickford used to say, “Don’t look at the sudden loss of a habit, or a way of life, as the end of the road; see it instead as only a bend in the road that will open up all sorts of interesting possibilities and new experiences. After all, you’ve seen the scenery on the old road for so long, and you obviously no longer like it.”

The secret to success:
Every great achievement is nothing more than the collection of smaller achievements done to perfection.

A lifetime is composed of days, strung together into weeks, months, and years. A successful life is nothing more than a lot of successful days put together. As such, every day counts.

What you focus on is what you’ll get.

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