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The Complete Genevieve Behrend Collection

The Complete Genevieve Behrend CollectionImagine you were able to sit at the feet of the greatest thinker alive –

…a man who had distilled the complete philosophical data from all the world’s major religions. Who wrote lectured about his findings and then wrote popular, bestselling books on those same findings. Whose findings were revolutionary in concept – while the ideas behind them were ancient and whose origins were themselves lost in antiquity, at least, until he started lecturing about them.

And then imagine that you were his only student. That you had his undivided attention for your studies. That you could ask him anything you wanted.

That is exactly the scene which Genevieve Behrend found herself in.

She had read Thomas Troward’s Edinburgh and Dore lectures and then started applying these to herself. When he defined the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to your own life – she took these words to heart and applied them to those things she most wanted.

And so she figured she needed $20,000 to be able to journey to England and become the student of Thomas Troward. And by applying these teachings (which she describes in the books herein) she made her dreams come true. She got the money, she got her trip, she became that student.

And gave the world an insight into this legendary mind which no one at the time or since has accomplished.

Her own world changed as a result. She wrote two books, and found herself in such demand that she spent the rest of her life lecturing and traveling.

As you listen to “The Secret” DVD, you hear teachers who tell you that all this is possible. When you read the books following, you see that Behrend created – in the early 1920’s, in a male-dominated world – a dream life that any today would love to have.

She showed us that these principles are accurate, that they work when exactly applied, than anyone can use them to change their lives completely – to one which has only existed in their dreams before this point.

And this is why she has earned this complete collection of her books. When I read her books for the first time, I saw where so many of those who got what they teach in “The Secret”. We are not dealing with something occult, or mysterious, or magic. We are dealing with something very practical, very simple, and something very easy to apply.

She took the many and varied subjects that Troward covered in his many books, then distilled these into practical applications and methods any person can use. She took his intensely logical pronouncements and translated these into simple American English – and left a legacy for both herself and her Sage.

So now, I bring these classics back to the light of modern day where you can study and learn for yourself.

I’ve included all of her books just as she wrote them, formatted for easy reading and study, both in hard-copy versions and on-screen. For we have this chance in our lives to take advantage of what we learn to make this world a better place.

I hope and pray for all of our success.

(From the Introduction)

In this book she not only clarifies Troward’s works, but also:

  • Gives precise instructions and details in using the Law of Attraction
  • Outlines simple techniques to strenghen your will and eliminate fear from your life
  • How to enable your body to begin Instantaneous Healing
  • And many other simple actions you can take immediately to improve your life – with no more than reading this book.

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