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PMA: Science of Success – Lesson 02: Master Mind

PMA: Science of Success - Lesson 02: Master Mind


The principle we shall discuss in this lesson has been referred to as the very hub or axis of the entire Science of Success philosophy. It is the principle which makes it possible for an individual, through association with others, to acquire and utilize all the knowledge needed for the attainment of any desired goal in life.

To begin with, the master mind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. That is about as brief a definition of the master mind as can be given.

No one has ever attained outstanding success in any calling without applying the master mind principle. This is because no one mind is complete by itself. All truly great minds have been reinforced through contacts with other minds. Every mind needs association and contact with other minds in order to grow and expand. The greatest minds, however, are the result of understanding and deliberately using this master mind principle.

Remember: Friendship and harmonious cooperation are priceless assets which can be acquired only by giving them in return.


One of the most important master mind alliances in the entire world is the alliance between the states of our great nation. From this alliance comes the freedom and liberty of which we in America feel so justly proud. The strength of this alliance lies in the fact that it is voluntary and is supported by the people in a spirit of harmony.

The alliance between the states has created a greater variety of opportunities for the exercise of individual initiative than exists anywhere else in the world. It has created the power to defend its people and the system under which it operates against all who may attempt to interfere with our privileges.

Our nation is great because of the power and vision of the combined forces of the minds of many people who, working in harmony, enable industry, banking, agriculture and private enterprise to put up a solid front. Our form of government is an excellent example of the principle of the master mind, combining as it does the harmonious cooperative effort of both the state and federal units of government. Under this friendly alliance we have grown and prospered as no other nation has done.

Successful businesses have become successful because their leaders adopt and use this same principle of friendly alliance among those who manage.

The master mind alliance which gave this nation its birthright of liberty and freedom consisted of a composite mind that grew out of the harmonious alliance of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. Back of this master mind was the definiteness of purpose which we know today as the American Spirit of Self-Determination, a portion of which has served as the motivating power in the development of American industry.

No one mind, no matter how great it might have been, could have given this nation the vision, the initiative, the self-reliance by which its leaders in every walk of life have been inspired…

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