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PMA: Science of Success – Lesson 03: Applied Faith

PMA: Science of Success - Lesson 03: Applied Faith


Here is a story which we would like to pass on to you. A man was driving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, rolling along just fine — until his car stopped dead. He tried the starter repeatedly, but not a cylinder would fire.

Being a businessman and no mechanic, he didn’t know the first thing about the mechanics of his car. But he got out, lifted the hood and looked in rapt amazement at the confusing array of gadgets which greeted his eyes.

Angered by his own mechanical ignorance, he slammed down the hood, locked the car and started down the highway to find a garage.

For nearly three miles he trudged along in the hot desert sun and arrived at a garage in a good sweat. The mechanic drove him back to his stalled car.

Now when the mechanic lifted the hood, he knew what to look for, and he loosened a nut on the side of the carburetor, took out a tiny screen, held it up to the sunlight and, after a glance, blew on it quickly. He shook it a few times and put it back in.

The engine immediately responded to the starter. All that was wrong with the engine, the mechanic explained, was that the flow of its gasoline had been temporarily shut off by the dust which had collected on the little screen.

Being somewhat of a philosopher, the mechanic made the observation that men are like that: sometimes their mental screens become clogged and they fail to accept the bounteous blessings with which a generous Providence has surrounded them.

This caused the driver to do some thinking. He had received a tremendous lesson in applied faith. Suddenly he realized how many unhappy situations in life are caused by interruptions of inflowing life-energy from Infinite Intelligence.

He understood more clearly than ever before how the screen of the mind, clogged by doubt, fear and worry, could shut off the life-giving inspiration and energy which is forever flowing around us.

This simple story brings us face to face with the matter of applied faith.


We feel keenly the responsibility that we have assumed in attempting to lay before you a practicable, working technique for taking possession of the forces of the universe in which we live. We will do our best to tell you what faith really is and explain the source of its power.

Here is a simple method by which you may make faith effective in your life. When you understand applied faith, you will have taken a long step forward toward achieving your objectives.

We would like you to understand clearly that we use the word applied in connection with the word faith to distinguish it unmistakably from any sort of religious connotation. It is not our purpose to encroach on the field of the clergy.

The faith of which we speak is applied to the achievement of a definite major purpose in life. Hence the term: applied faith.

We will not merely tell you to have faith. Men have been saying that to each other since the birth of civilization. Very few have gone on to explain how you may get faith and use it in the solution of life’s problems. This we will attempt to do.

Many years of experience in dealing with the minds of other men, and with the unfolding of our own minds, have taught us ways and means of acquiring and using faith.

But you must use your own mind and reach your own conclusions on this profound subject. If we succeed only in inspiring you to serious thought and deep meditation on the subject of faith, we will hate rendered you a service of great value.

For a true understanding of faith you will have to become acquainted with the inner workings of your own mind…

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