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PMA: Science of Success – Lesson 04: Going The Extra Mile

Lesson 04 - Going The Extra Mile


Render more and better service than that for which you are paid, and sooner or later you will receive compound interest on compound interest from your investment.

For it is inevitable that every seed of useful service you sow will multiply itself and come back to you in overwhelming abundance.

If you will do this, you will be rewarded in several definite ways.

  • You will sooner or later receive compensation far exceeding the actual value of the service you render.
  • You will exhibit greater strength of character.
  • You will find it easier to maintain a positive mental attitude at all times.
  • You will find that there is a permanent market for your services.
  • And you will experience the thrill of new and stronger convictions of courage and self-reliance, new surges of the self-starting power of personal initiative and an energizing influx of vital enthusiasm.

Does this sound like a big order for one lesson to deliver? It is. But the power to be gained from the practice of going the extra mile can fill this order and give you extra measure as well.


The law of reaping increased returns by rendering more and better service than that for which you are paid is one of the basic laws of nature and has been recognized by scientists and philosophers for centuries. Its operation was observed and commented upon hundreds of years before the dawn of the Christian era.

Perhaps the most classic, modern expression of it appears in Emerson’s essay entitled Compensation. Emerson, however, dealt primarily with the abstract essence of this principle. This presentation is designed to enable you to understand the principle of going the extra mile, to know how it works, and to practice it in your daily life.

Here are a few stories concerning men who have achieved their specific goals by applying the principle of going the extra mile. It is important that you catch the spirit of the idea. You will find there is a subtle, but powerful, mental attitude connected with the successful observance of this principle which must be sensed intuitively. Try to sense this attitude in each of the men discussed in the following stories, and to determine just how their attitudes could apply to your own specific situation in life.

As these stories unfold before your consciousness, keep your eyes open and your mind alert to detect the secret. You will recall that, in the lesson on definiteness of purpose, you learned that you already possessed the most important part of this secret . . . in your own mind. Somewhere along the way, as we study together, you will find and grasp the idea which you need in order to stimulate you to persistent action toward your goal. And thereafter you will progress so fast that it will astound you’ and dwarf all your previous conceptions of your own power to achieve.

A man’s best recommendation is that which he gives himself . . . by rendering superior service in the right mental attitude.

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