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PMA: Science of Success – Lesson 05: Pleasing Personality

Lesson 05 - Pleasing Personality


A pleasing personality is the aggregate of all the agreeable, gratifying and likable qualities of any one individual. As noted in the previous lesson, the person who continually practices the habit of going the extra mile and daily employs the Golden Rule will inevitably also acquire a pleasing personality. And a pleasing personality is an asset none of us can do without if we wish to attain success. Why is this?

Because it is through one’s pleasing personality that he motivates others to help him achieve the goals he desires, and, as we discovered in the lesson on the master mind, no one can attain notable success without the help of others.

Put a little differently, from birth until death every person engages in some type of selling every day of his life. And selling in the sense used here means winning acceptance, approval or adaption.

The newborn babe is a salesman from the first moment that it begins to breathe. It requires and desires food, which it procures by the simple sales method of crying to attract sympathy.

Later, during the child’s early activities, he sells himself into possession of that which will gratify his needs and wants by the control of his personal conduct. It is during this time that he can learn how valuable pleasing behavior and right conduct toward others can be to him, for he has nothing else to offer.

After the child reaches the age of maturity, he begins to sell himself into the possession of his wants by a combination of his personal conduct and the service he renders to others. The most important factor at this point of his career is the mental attitude in which he renders service.

Mental attitude continues to be an important factor during the remainder of his life.

Therefore let’s begin the analysis of the factors which comprise a pleasing personality with a study of the most important of these factors, a positive mental attitude…



One: A Positive Mental Attitude

What is a positive mental attitude? Breaking this phrase down into its component parts and taking the definition of each word from the dictionary, a positive mental attitude may be defined as a confident, constructive, sure, practical and forward moving disposition of the mind over against any given set of circumstances.

As we use the expression in this philosophy, a positive mental attitude is the right mental attitude in any given situation and is most often comprised of the plus characteristics symbolized by such words as faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindliness and good common sense.

To understand the importance of a positive mental attitude in your life, consider the fact that it affects: the tone of your voice, the expression of your face, the posture of your body, every thought you think and every word you speak. It determines the nature of every emotion you feel. Everyone and everything that comes within range of your personality is affected by your mental attitude.

It is well known that a person with a disagreeable mental attitude will disturb the mind of every person with whom he associates, as well as the minds of many who are far removed from him. He will do it by his state of mind alone, without speaking a word or making a single disagreeable gesture of any kind. Let him walk into a room where there are many people, and a good portion of those people will become uncomfortable merely because of his presence, even though he may never speak a word…

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