Monday, July 18, 2005

More of the self-concerned MSM wagging the dog again...

Who really cares? Looks like they just don't have a story to drag out - the Aruba girl is still missing, the Pope is still dead, the progress in Iraq isn't ghastly enough (except for the bombs, which are mostly killing civilians these days) and all celebrities-of-color get off scott-free these days, regardless of whether they bugger little boys or cheat on their wives with tramps.

So there isn't any "news" to tell these days and thus, they dredge up a two-year-old story which was pretty weak to begin with.

Most of the rest of the country think the senators are a pretty bizarre set of senile octegenarians, who make oddball statements just so that they can get skewered on talk-radio. And, yes, the Supreme Court has been handing out some pretty odd decisions lately. But otherwise, would you people in the MSM just shut up?

Don't wonder why people are looking into other forms of entertainment - but, no, you don't = you're all so self-absorbed with your own importanences that you can't see outside the Beltway or New York.

God help you if you ever get into a pasture and try to come out with clean shoes. But flyover country is just that, isn't it - the land where people campaign on buses instead of airplanes and taxi's. Where people actually eat the food they raise in their backyards, where most of your cars are made and your made-in-China goods are shipped to your stores from.

Enough of this rant. Afterall, you figure that since about half of the country lives in overpriced cities, they'll actually continue to pay your salary to fill their ears with rediculous drivel, well, you've got an interesting view of life. But if the power fails or the water quits - good luck. That's why you pay the garbage workers the big bucks. Nothing like dependency-living.

Have a nice day. But feel free to come over for some picked-that-day fresh sweetcorn or blackberry pie after some corn-fed steak - all cooked here without additives - and we can talk about it.

Plame security breach? It just ain't so, Joe

"Karl Rove? Please. I couldn't care less. This week finds me thousands of miles from the Beltway in what I believe the ABC World News Tonight map designates as the Rest Of The Planet, an obscure beat the media can't seem to spare a correspondent for."

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