Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Saudi Arabia still creating terrorists

Study cites seeds of terror in Iraq - The Boston Globe - Boston.com - Middle East - News

This story is slanted enough to fall over, but misses the point that most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudi's and this trend continues. These current jihadist recruits are from Saudi Arabia, which is a massive welfare state where western educated young return to no future and are able to be lured to their death over in Iraq on very flimsy arguments - but, hey, it's better than no future at home...

The problem is that the Saudi's support the fanatic Islamist Wahabean sect, and this is where the recruitment for Al Qaeda is coming from.

We simply need to declare war/narrow our focus to Fanatic Extremist Islamists, namely the Wahabeans, and then we will start making some very fast progress.

The wrong thing to do is to keep muddying the waters and proclaim the United States wrong at every possible opportunity.

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