Friday, November 02, 2007

Keywords - starting to work out a WordTracker substitute

Nothing like keywords for free.

I'm working out how to get similar results to WordTracker, as a $300 annual expense isn't in my budget - until I start making money from affiliate or direct sales (cart before the horse; chicken and egg?). All these great books I have on SEO say to start with including both WordTracker and NicheBot into your budget right off the bat - and then you can use their "killer" tools...

Keyword-toolkit is free on web and a free download. Not bad - and there are paid "pro" versions.

Their Keyword Spider is able to find variations and related keywords, but I'm still missing anything as comprehensive as Wordtracker (or Wordze - costs about the same) in helping me find long-tail niche keywords. These tools would be useful for LSI "theming" to keep your pages "fat" and impervious from "Google slaps" (great nomenclature/slang, don't you think??)

How To Build 2100 Killer Google Keyword Variations in 30 Seconds:
"Step 1. Obtain your basic phrase. In this example, I’m going to use the phrase; "dog washing products for cocker spaniels"

"Step 2. Go to a special, free Keyword Jumbler tool located at;
and paste your sample phrase into the entry box. You can enter a phrase of up to 7 words, on each line. Make sure "Output to a new browser window" is selected and then hit the "Jumble" button. See how 720 keyword permutations have automatically just been generated... in less than 2 seconds! Select and right-click copy the 720 permutations.

"Step 3. Go to the free “AdWords Wrapper” tool located at;
and right-click Paste your 720 permutations into the "Enter Keywords" box. Hit the "Wrap AdWords" button. Then, once your result has been generated (another 2 seconds), right-click Copy the Broad, "Phrase" & [Exact] Match box.

You'll now have over 2100 killer keyword combinations..."

The only problem is that you now have "variations" which only depend on their efficacy for your original keyword research. If no one wants to buy cocker spaniel dogwasher products, then you're sunk. See a later post how I describe how to use Keyword Spider to help you find real and profitable niches...

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You should definitely try AdWords Intelligence. A great tool for building, managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns.

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